95.) Tues Mar. 7, 2017

Jazz Music’s 100th Anniversary


The Song of the Day is:

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band – “Livery Stable Blues”

Recorded in 1917, can be found on many compilation albums.

It may be more accurate to say it’s the 100th anniversary of commercially  recorded jazz.  Jazz had its origins in the 1890’s and some of its early stars have never been recorded (for instance, Buddy Bolden). Released on this day one hundred years ago, this is so early in jazz’s history that the group actually used the variation “Jass” in their name at the time of this recording.  This was not necessarily the greatest jazz band in the land, but being that they were Caucasians they were afforded more opportunities than some of their contemporaries.  That’s not to say they were nobodies, cornet player Nick LaRocca was one of jazz’s early stars.  Musically speaking this is a pretty unremarkable song, the most recognizable parts of it are the barnyard animal impressions from the cornet and clarinet.   Jazz was still mostly regional at the time, so this recording caused a big sensation and it became the first popular recording to sell over a million copies. The jazz era spread like wildfire, and soon swept the nation.

I had realized that this anniversary was coming up soon.  This song was one part of my inspiration for starting a musical journal for Junior.  In addition to exposing him to great artists, and marking achievements and passings, I also intend to draw attention to milestone anniversaries.


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PLEASE BEAR WITH ME, THIS BLOG SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION I'm the kind of guy who knows every song on the radio. I've decided I would take it one day at a time to teach this music to my son.

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